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There are drain holes designed into the window bird feeder that keep the seed dry for your feathered friends. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight tells the feeder to close the shroud, blocking access to the seeds inside. And because it’s made from chew-proof materials, larger animals that like to use backyard items as chew toys won’t be able to snag a bite. This hanging option bridges the gap between a bird feeder and a bird house, as a shingled copper roof provides shade for birds while they feed and will help them feel at home. It holds up to 2.15 lbs of seed that’s encapsulated in a transparent plastic container, so you can see precisely how much is left inside at all times.

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  • Good thing, Nature Gear develops and manufactures great feeders.
  • The hooligans always love the process, and they get so excited when they discover birds and squirrels nibbling away at the feeders they made with their very own hands.
  • A stainless steel wire is included for hanging, or the feeder can be pole-mounted.

For example, grey squirrels will readily eat black sunflower seeds and peanut blends, which are favourites of many bird species. Squirrel busters that work on gravity, with the food ports closing up when large birds or squirrels sit on the perches. This feeder can be adjusted to allow only the birds you want to feed at your feeders, as the ports will close for squirrels and larger birds, depending on the weight setting. It has the four flower type ports with separate removable perch along each side. It’s easy to clean this feeder as it’s straightforward to separate each small part, including perch and ports.

How To Clean A Hummingbird Feeder And Maintain It

Other common kinds of squirrel-proof feeders are caged feeders and pole-mount feeders. The best overall squirrel-proof bird feeder is the Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper Motorized Squirrel Proof Feeder . The sleek design, seed capacity, and rechargeable battery-powered motor to send squirrels flying make it a winner for any backyard. For a budget-friendly option that is also effective, we recommend the Brome Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder . It is weather- and rust-proof and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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Some buy feeder best rice cooker poles from home improvement or pet stores, though others design and install it on their own in a DIY fashion. This is a structure installed on the ground that can hold a feeder at a height of about two to three meters. Its materials can be steel, aluminum, or galvanized iron (G.I.) or polyvinyl chloride pipes.

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Decorative and entertaining, the bird-welcoming perch bar collapses under the weight of a hungry squirrel. Holding 12 pounds of seeds, this two-sided feeder will keep everyone happy except the squirrels. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the motor gives the squirrel a wild ride to keep it away from the birdseed. Attach baffles to the mounting pole that are large enough to prevent the squirrel from getting around them. This clear feeder is made from 100% recycled Plexiglas, allowing you to easily see the birds from a distance. Feeders also are made of a combination of materials, such as metal and plastic, to combine the benefits of each type of material.

The cute design is a great addition to my yard and the while the birds love it as much as I do, the squirrels have no way of treating it the same way. Classic tube-style bird feeders are excellent for keeping squirrels away and allow multiple birds to feed at once. To start, you’ll want to place bird feeders at least 12 feet away from surfaces that squirrels can jump off, and when possible, on a smooth metal pole at least 6 feet tall.

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When it comes to a free container of delicious seeds sitting right next to the tree they call home, they will always figure out some crafty way to snag a bite or two. However, there are plenty of ways you can craft a bird feeder that will make sure your feathered friends get the lion’s share of the seeds. Weather proof feeding port design and the weather guard keep the seed fresh and dry.

It’s handcrafted from cedar with polycarbonate see-through windows, plus there are ledges on the sides for birds to perch. It comes with an attached cable for hanging, and it gets high marks for quality and design, with an average 4.5 stars from more than 750 customers. Plastic bird feeders should have metal reinforcements and metal perches to keep squirrels away. If you’re choosing a wooden bird feeder, make sure it’s made of weather-resistant cedar or is stained or painted.

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My only concern with this bird feeder pole is that the hooks themselves are a bit flimsy. You can easily see that you can’t hang very heady items, else the hooks themselves will bend to the weight, even if the pole can handle it. But other items such as regular pole mounted bird feeders are fine and can be held well. Fun window feeders can bring wild birds to the smallest of spaces! Platform and dish styles allow you to offer a variety of treats to entice some new feathered friends too. Suet and nuggets, mealworms, and even fruit may attract migratory visitors for up-close and personal views.

But if you are very traditional and wants to see, feel and bring home the feeder the same day, Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot might be your best choices. You can check quality of material, compare it with others on display and ask for guarantee papers right away. The possibility of getting a defected product is diminished tremendously. While squirrels are hearty eaters, they are less attracted to some bird foods like nyjer and safflower seeds.