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On the other hand, it means you really need to get the right size of the cage. With 5 different sizes of cage, there’s bound to be one that fits you and your keyholder’s requirements perfectly. The Vice sex products ships with many different parts included (4 spacers, 4 rings, 3 anti-pullout pieces), which is great for new users who want to experiment with different sizes. Honestly, the anti-pullout technology should be the gold standard for every plastic cage. It’s a brilliant idea that works almost perfectly.

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  • It’s specifically the size of the chamber that’s important.
  • The device is physically constraining, but there is a definite psychological component to the chastity experience, as well.
  • Now the final step is to wrap up in lingerie to finish off a set of femboy accessories.
  • This cage is unique enough that we can’t possibly group it with any of our other cages.
  • Whether you are looking for steel chastity cages or super short cock cages, Chastity Cages Co have your back.

I think you will find that the cages you find on AliExpress can actually be fitting for permanent wear. Often, I hear too many stories about people who give up on chastity because the first cage they bought was $149, and it never fit right. I can see why that can be exceptionally discouraging. The harsh reality is that there is nowhere where you can go try a bunch of devices until you find your perfect fit. I only recommend buying a silicone device if you are incredibly new to exploring chastity and want to see if you enjoy it at all before investing in a more expensive material.

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It is suitable for long time wear with an open tip, which makes cleaning an easy process. This chastity cage is supremely made with a combination of silicone and plastic locks included for you to lock up your partner’s penis and show him who the boss is. We come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important for a chastity device to fit correctly for comfortable daily wear. We were the first custom chastity device maker to take advantage of 3D printing technologies to offer fully custom plastic and steel cages for attainable prices. We are always updating our models and our production techniques to stay at the leading edge of this niche market.

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The resin can endure temperatures of up to 150°C (300°F); it can therefore be put in a dish washer or be sterilized. Of course, once you hand over control of the key to someone else, you will be (consensually!) at their mercy until the locking device is removed. As with many cock cages, it’s recommended to shave your hair just to avoid any pinching or pulling when fitting, adjusting and locking. You will then be easily able to get locked in and hand over control to the keyholder. Fortunately, modern chastity belts are far more user friendly, medically safe and designed solely for longer-term wear without any nasty medieval side effects. Still, it performs like a champ for the purpose I wanted it for, something light-weight and comfortable for long-distance running.

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But many guys, including me in my early days, have had problems choosing the right size base ring. Like many others, I did not trust the measurements when I first got into wearing chastity devices. Some guys who are new to wearing a chastity device experience more problems with nighttime erections than others. When they occur, nocturnal erections almost always wake you in the middle of the night for the first few days. It can feel noticeably uncomfortable the first few times you experience an attempted erection while wearing a chastity device.

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She makes it perfectly clear at the very beginning that any male chastity endeavors will be on her unconditional terms. If he can’t accept that, then it’s really not worth any effort on her part to participate. Male chastity with his agenda is just too damn frustrating of an enterprise. I’ve always struggles to explain why I want to try things and your articles explained things perfectly.

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Seems to be the equivalent of the CB short combo that fit the best on me previously. If anything, I can still order a 36mm ring if I seem to be able to slip out too easily. Looking forward to the comfort, and hopefully get that wonderful long term denial I so desire.